Look for us in 2022 every Wednesday at the local
Pacifica Farmer's Market.

  • All produce is grown here at the farm 

  • Picked at optimal ripeness

  • Freshly harvested

  • Peak nutritional value

  • Restorative agriculture practices

  • Biologically alive soil filled with healthy microbes

  • Zero herbicides, not even organic ones, no spraying pesticides

  • Zero chemical fertilizers, zero GMOs

  • Plants and seeds are carefully chosen for flavor and vitality

  • Conscious farming by long-time meditators

  • Unsold produce donated to non-profits 

Restorative, low-till agriculture

The soil on our farm is sandy loam, a gift we treasure. It's biologically alive with healthy microbes and earthworms that remain vibrant because of our low-till, permanent-bed farming methods. Most farms, even organic ones, use heavy tractor tillage and organic pesticides which reduce soil microbial life, hurts bees and other beneficial insects. We use zero pesticides, zero herbicides, not even organic ones. The life of our soil and the health benefits of our produce is too important to compromise. If you visit our farm, you can feel the life force in our soil and see the fields bursting with life. 


Farmed by loving hands and hearts

We work with and plant every seed and seedling by hand. Plants and seeds are chosen for flavor and vitality. Plants respond to the love we feel for them. You can taste it in the food. 


Conscious farming practices

Our managers and many of our volunteers are long-time meditators. There is a special joy in farming consciously, and the plants respond to the kindness and sensitivity of the farmers who work with them.


“The secret of improved plant breeding,
apart from scientific knowledge, is love.”

—Luther Burbank


About Ananda Valley Farm

Ananda Valley Farm is nestled amongst hills and canyons on 67 acres of rich farmland just north of Half Moon Bay and two miles from the beach. This land has been lovingly farmed for more than 100 years. Water is available year-round from a mountain-top spring that Native Americans have long considered sacred.


Ananda Valley Farm is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are gratefully appreciated.


Ananda Valley Farm

1050 Frenchmans Creek Road

Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

(413) 687-1504