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"Best tasting freshest produce I’ve ever had! ... Thank you to everyone at Ananda Farm for making my produce delivery happen!"

"The best vegetables - shocked at how much better they tasted than store bought"

“the produce has been improving dramatically

every year ... Well done everyone who has volunteered their help. ”

"The wrappings (wet paper towels) really keeps the freshness.  Fantastic kohlrabi, Voluptuous Swiss Red and Green Chard"

"I like the freshness of it. It is lasting over the two weeks before my next box."

"Fresh, strong, longer lasting (wet towels, etc.) Good color."

"Oh my goodnes!!! What didn't I love about it? It was all so amazing. So amazing"


"Everything - quality and vibrations!"


"The quality and freshness. Thanks to your CSA box I now know I love radishes, beets and more"


"Fresh, organic, non GMO"


"Excellent freshness, quality and flavor overall"

"Taste, freshness, variety. I'd never had white carrots and I really love them."


"Really awesome this year. Terrific job! Loved the tomatoes."


"Soo fresh and sooo very delicious"

"Fresh with full of flavor!"


"So fresh"


"The produce was beautiful and there was so much of it! It lasted a long time and tasted delicious."

"Freshness, and knowing how it is grown and where."


"Very fresh"

“During the CSA season, my week of meals came right out of this box. I rarely had to buy any other vegetables. I'm finding CSA produce more delicious and vital than even the best store-bought produce. You can’t do any better than field to table in a few hours.”
—Asha P, Mountain View

I hope there are more heirloom tomatoes to come! We thoroughly enjoyed what you shared a while back. It’s interesting and appreciated that meal planning at our house has changed since we became CSA members. We now plan our meals around the veggies we get rather than around a main entree of chicken, pork or whatever.  It's “what can we do with fresh veggies” rather than “what goes with chicken”. It‘s such fun to explore new recipes and eat healthier at the same time!! Thank you!!!

—Mary Lou, Pacifica

“We just picked up our first box, and happened to meet the farmer himself at the East West Bookstore. I think you and he both would have been amused to see us when we got home. My two little boys promptly starting eating everything straight from the box. Carrots, peas, and lettuce down the hatch, dirt and all. They were delighted with it all. Not their usual reaction to vegetables! They did eventually decide that chard, beets, and squash probably ought to be cooked first, which is good because I am looking forward to using those for dinner! Thanks again for sharing your magnificent produce with us.” 
—Holly B., Santa Clara

“I was in awe of the bounty you produced this year.  Thank you so much for such a lovely CSA experience.  Several of my neighbors are also considering the CSA for next year after being gifted several weeks of our family box while we were out of town. We will absolutely subscribe next year too.”
—Laura E, Montara

“I participated in this CSA last year and will be again this year. Your food is absolutely fantastic! GORGEOUS organic produce that could not be fresher unless you grew it and picked it yourself. A truly worthwhile investment for your health.”
—Laurie Becker, El Granada

“Thanks so much for sharing this information. A little over a year ago (before I had Nextdoor), I looked all over this area for organic farms that did CSA. Eventually I found a place that would deliver to my workplace in SF. That worked out for awhile. But that’s a long way from here and I’d much rather support a local farm. Looking forward to Saturday volunteer days at Ananda Farm and seeing what's inside that box!”
—Kara Landau Nepomuceno, Moss Beach

“I subscribed to your CSA last year and loved the variety of organic produce that was grown right here on the coast! My kids did the summer farm camp there, too, and all of the staff were super friendly. I just wrote my check for another season of local organic produce.”
—Leslie Wakasa, Moss Beach

“As an avowed foodie, the quality of veggies in our weekly Ananda Valley Farm’s CSA box has consistently impressed me. Like other reviews mentioned, the farming methods and somewhat magical coastal-canyon growing conditions at Ananda Valley Farm produces the highest quality veggies I’ve ever tasted.


The variety throughout the 30 week season is a locavore’s dream come true, as the assortment shifts from Spring through Summer through late November. This is a true farm-to-table experience.

Grown with super low impact on the environment and highest respect for ‘where our food comes from’, it’s a privilege to be a CSA member. And in this case, privilege happens to be affordable. When compared to shopping organic at Whole Foods or even Safeway, each week delivers exceptional value. It’s a triple dip—locally grown, highly sustainable and a great deal!”

—Robert Z, Half Moon Bay

“I’m completing my second year CSA membership and will sign up for number three. Each CSA box contains some of the best organic grown veggies and fruits that I’ve tasted. The spirit of the staff and volunteers warms my heart every time I visit the farm.”

—Greg M, Half Moon Bay

“It’s always a delightful surprise to see what is in my box each week. And delicious! It has encouraged me to widen my palate. I have been introduced to new veggies and ways to prepare them, delighting my family and friends.”

—Lisa W, Menlo Park

“I’ve heard about CSAs for years. I finally took the plunge and signed up for this one. The food is extraordinary quality every week. Sometimes I'll cook up something up for my husband, and not say where the veggies came from. Invariably, when he raves about the flavor, it's the veggies I just sauteed from the farm. My cauliflower tasted like it had been drizzled in butter last week - and it was only steamed, by itself. Yum!”
—Karen G, Mountain View 

“I am cooking healthier meals and eating a wider variety of vegetables than ever before. The community supported agriculture (CSA) program they have is a great value..”
—Trisha H, Half Moon Bay ​

“Love the veggies from Ananda Valley Farm. I've visited the farm, and it's a special place. I would buy all my veggies from them if I could. I particularly love the kale which seems like it's packed with energy. The potatoes are uniquely scrumptious, and I love the little fruit surprises that they put in the box in season.”
—George B, Mountain View ​

“The vegetables from this farm are the freshest we've ever tasted. As a long time backyard organic gardener, I really appreciate "just picked freshness" and this farm delivers it. After moving recently and now not able to have a good backyard garden we looked into CSAs. We picked this CSA over others because they grow all their own food, they don't buy from others and just redistribute it, as most other CSAs do. On this farm it's only 1-2 days from picking to delivering.


Also they are one of the few farms that use organic, no-till, regenerative agriculture. This means their soil has much more biological life than other traditional organic farms which till their fields with tractors. From my own backyard garden experience, I know that great biologically alive soil makes the vegetables much tastier and much more nutritious.


While you don't get as much variety as shopping in a supermarket, we feel the health benefits of having "nutritionally dense" and fresh produce are worth it. And the incredible taste is way better than store bought organic vegetables (and almost as good as my old garden veggies :)”

—E.M, Palo Alto

“Whether juiced, in salads, soups, stir fried or baked - this is food not only for the body, but for the soul.”

—Jay P, San Jose

Thanks for making vegetables so much fun!

“We’re still enjoying our boxes very much. When we got a green cabbage, my sons started eating it like a giant apple, just taking big bites and crunching away happily. I tried not to stare! When we got a purple cabbage we sliced it in half and they were amazed by the beautiful purple and white swirls. We cooked most of it, but saved one slice for an art project—they used it like a giant rubber stamp, to make swirl patterns. And when we got kohlrabi, I have to confess, not one of us knew what it was. It looked like an alien! But we found a great recipe (below) and it was delicious. Now we’re hoping to get another kohlrabi so we can make it again. Thanks for all the tasty produce, and for making vegetables so much fun!”

—Holly B., Santa Clara


Ananda Valley Farm

1050 Frenchmans Creek Road

Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

(413) 687-1504

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