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“Our children loved the week on the farm so much. They were extremely candid while telling us about their day. It was so wonderful to hear about all their experiences. When they went to bed in the evening, they were so exhausted, yet couldn't wait for the morning and their next adventure.”  




My son said, "Mom, I learned so much from camp, it taught me to connect with nature and feel calm inside." Priceless! This is one of the best summer programs ever. My two boys also said that they felt loved and cared for. Thank you so much for this great program! 




“The program is certainly amazing! Our boys were full of spirit, energy, joy and curiosity. We can’t wait for the second session. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.” 

Farm Adventure Days


Give your child the gift of loving nature
on a working local farm
a 5-day summer program

for children 7-12


Starts Summer, 2018





Give your child a joyful 5 days of immersion in nature, free of digital devices. 



Outdoor discovery and play — free from pressure

Our children are constantly dealing with school pressures, technology devices, and after-school activities, not to mention self-doubts, struggles to find their way, peer pressures, and more.


It is wonderful to be able to give them a week that lets them reconnect with who they really are; to find a joy that comes from within; to be excited about an inspiring new adventure that opens the heart and feeds the soul. This is a program that they will likely remember for the rest of their lives. They will come home excited and renewed as they share every detail with you, over and over again.



Participate in the daily life on a working organic farm

Ananda Valley Farm is just a few minutes from downtown Half Moon Bay, nestled in gorgeous rolling hillsides at the end of a quiet country road. Friendly farmers operate a thriving CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in the Bay Area, providing fresh produce to customers. The children will participate in this flow, helping to harvest vegetables, and plant seeds. It's a peaceful, safe environment for children to allow their curiosity and enthusiasm to run free.



Guided by skilled professional educators
in the classroom, and in nature

The program is guided by professional educators from throughout the Bay area — most of whom teach full-time during the school year. Our team also includes experienced nature guides, many of whom have experience guiding children in Joseph Cornell's world-renown nature games (Sharing Nature with Children). Our farmers also work regularly with children. The farm is a destination for area schools who want to provide an authentic farm and nature experience for their students.


Give your child a joyful 5 days of immersion in nature, free of digital devices. 



Your child will experience these enriching outdoor and farm activities:


  • Plant and harvest organic produce

  • Enjoy pond and creek-side fun (there are loads of salamanders and frogs to be found)

  • Explore the nearby beaches and tide pools

  • Learn about animal husbandry

  • Create art projects

  • Walk on trails with extraordinary views

  • Discover how to calm and center ourselves, without digital devices. Experience a gentle introduction to yoga and meditation for children

  • Develop sensitivity and awareness of nature through games designed by world-renowned naturalist, Joseph Cornell (Sharing Nature with Children) 


About the Farm

Ananda Valley Farm is nestled amongst hills and canyons on 67 acres of rich farmland just north of Half Moon Bay and two miles from the beach, on land that has been lovingly farmed for more than 100 years. Water is available year-round from a mountain-top spring that Native Americans have long considered sacred.


The farm is non-pesticide, natural, and provides food to nearly 75  subscribers through their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).


Tours of the farm are available every Saturday morning from 9:30 to 1. Directions



Farm Adventure Days is a 5-day summer program for children ages 7-12. Children immerse in farm activities like harvesting, planting, nature adventures, hikes, nature games, art projects, and self-mastery skills including yoga and meditation. 


Serving families in the San Francisco Bay Area, Half Moon Bay area, the Peninsula, and San Jose. Optional transportation provided from Palo Alto (El Camino & College Avenue).


Contact us if you have any questions, or visit our website for more details.



The planned 5-day summer program is $425 in 2018. Registration before April 1, 2018: receive an early-bird discount of $50. 


Van transportation between Palo Alto and the Farm is available for up to 9 children. Reserve a spot during the registration process. Space is limited; first-come, first-served. There is no additional cost for van transportation.


8:30 am pickup in Palo Alto

4:45 pm drop-off in Palo Alto

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